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Whats included...


1. A (15 minute) signup and scheduling call with our Practice Manager
2. A (55 minute) medical appointment in our Harley Street Clinic with an experienced Psychiatrist, providing you with a primary formulation and recommended investigations.

3. Extensive collateral history investigations.
4. A (50 minute) Diagnostic DIVA assessment in our Harley Street Clinic with an experienced Psychiatrist
5. A comprehensive private blood test to ensure a full and accurate diagnosis and allow for safe treatment planning. We have partnerships with hundreds of clinics throughout the UK.
*Blood tests and phlebotomy fess are all included.
*Atypical or additional blood tests may attract an additional charge, if any additional tests
are recommended this will be discussed and agreed with you before being requested.
6. Review of your investigation results
7. A (25 minute) medical appointment and treatment planning meeting with the Psychiatrist at our Harley Street Clinic, including any further physical examination or investigations and the prescription of indicated medication.
8. The price includes all consultations, typical investigations, prescription issues and a full bespoke ADHD medical report directly prepared by the Psychiatrist. £2550

Note – We have a special all-inclusive ADHD partnership package with RTN Mental Health Solution for £1890

Note – Treatment membership packages are also available.




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