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Pay for your product over 3 monthly instalments of £212


Whats included...


1. A (15 minute) signup and scheduling call with our Practice Manager
2. An online short meeting with a member of our team to familiarise you with our secure online portal and perform the necessary speed and security checks.
3. A (55 minute) online medical appointment with an experienced Psychiatrist, providing you with a primary formulation and recommended investigations and treatment.
4. This price includes the consultation and a full bespoke medical report directly prepared by the Psychiatrist.
Note this package does not include the cost of any investigations or treatment appointment. Please see Kalpa or Mangata for further follow up options.


Terms and conditions apply

Nameer Instalment package

  • If the Customer selects a monthly Membership payment option; all payments must be made in full to completion of the agreed term.
    Missing or late payments will be referred to a third party debt collection agency. The Customer accepts to pay all costs pertaining to the recovery of missing or late payments in full.

    By clicking the 'Add to Cart' button, you agree to the above terms and conditions. 

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