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Pay for your product over 3 monthly instalments of £175


This product is only available following Celestia or Nameer. 


Whats included...


1. A comprehensive private blood test to ensure a full and accurate diagnosis and allow for safe treatment planning.
We have partnerships with hundreds of clinics throughout the UK. *Blood tests and
phlebotomy fess are all included.
*Atypical or additional blood tests may attract an additional charge, if any additional tests are recommended this will be discussed and agreed with you before being requested.
2. Review of your investigation results
3. A second (25 minute) eDiagnostic and treatment planning meeting with the Psychiatrist and commencement of any agreed medication.


Terms and conditions apply

Mangata Instalment package

  • If the Customer selects a monthly Membership payment option; all payments must be made in full to completion of the agreed term.
    Missing or late payments will be referred to a third party debt collection agency. The Customer accepts to pay all costs pertaining to the recovery of missing or late payments in full.

    By clicking the 'Add to Cart' button, you agree to the above terms and conditions. 

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