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Expert psychiatric guidance and consultation services available in London and online

RTN Medical offers a comprehensive range of medical services for adult mental health, including diagnosis and management of all conditions and medication.

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About us

RTN Medical is a private outpatient psychiatry clinic for adults aged 18-65.

We look forward to helping you with whatever your challenges are. Mental health deserves the highest clinical standards, and we aim to offer every client a personal, thorough, professional and comprehensive experience. 

We can offer both in person and online appointments as per your preference. We are able to diagnose all conditions, and to arrange medication and therapy as required. We offer a variety of packages for long term clients. Please call 0333 7722317 or e-mail for more details.

Our services

Comprehensive services providing support and guidance at every step of your mental health journey

Many mental health conditions require long term monitoring. We have cost-effective packages available to keep you at your best. 


Psychiatric Consultations

Meet with a Consultant Psychiatrist to discuss your mental health, and receive expert advice on your treatment options.


Diagnostic Assessments for ADHD

We provide ADHD diagnostic services which align with current best practices. You will typically meet with both a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist. You will receive a detailed written report.


Medication Management Packages

We offer a variety of packages for long term management of mental health conditions for which medication is prescribed. These are a convenient way to ensure that you can get care when you need it, without having to worry.


Assessment Packages

Experience a seamless assessment process for precise diagnoses and tailored treatment options


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A remote full diagnostic assessment package using our secure online portal (non-ADHD).

Membership Packages

Streamlined access to expert psychiatric consultations, treatments, and medication

ADHD Membership Packages

Top-Up Packages

Remote Health Membership Packages

Hybrid Health Membership Packages

Harley Street Health Membership Packages


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We're here to provide you with the guidance and support you need for your journey towards better mental health. If you have any enquiries, please contact us here.


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