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Assessment Packages

Discover our assessment packages and experience a seamless process for precise diagnoses and tailored treatment options

One of our team will discuss which package is right for you at the time of initial intake - below are our prices. All of our in-person appointments are completed at our clinic in Harley Street, London.

Please note:

RTN Medical is not currently able to offer an emergency service, if you feel you or someone you know is at immediate risk please contact 999 or attend your nearest A&E department. 

We are not able to offer services to patients in the following circumstances:


  • Have had suicidal thoughts in the last six months

  • Have been under the care of a crisis team or have been admitted to a mental health hospital in the last six months

Remote, full diagnostic assessment (non-ADHD)


In-person, diagnostic assessment (non-ADHD)


Hybrid, pre-treatment assessment


Remote, single medical appointment (non-ADHD)


In-person, single medical appointment (non-ADHD)


Hybrid, ADHD assessment & pre-treatment investigation


In person, end-to-end ADHD assessment & pre-treatment pathway


Hybrid, end-to-end ADHD assessment & pre-treatment pathway


Unsure which package is right for you?

Lets help you get started in finding the right package

With our FREE Package Finder Tool, finding the right service for you has never been easier. Tailored to your unique needs, our tool guides you to the service that best aligns with your needs in just a few simple steps.

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